When the Story Gets Personal

Some time ago, Paul Isakson took a walk on the wildside.

He recently presented his journey – a personal journey with professional insights – to the Planningness conference in Denver. He explains How you can wander with purpose – how you can begin to look at your own life with the framework of storytelling.

One of the wonderful observations that Paul unearths in this is the clear connection between purpose and story – between the personal and the professional, and the almost-always murky chaos that we call our lives. In a way, perhaps, he’s asking What’s the Measure of a Life?

This is a pared back presentation. It’s pure text (which I love) – and it resonates. Read through the 40 slides. It will take you less than five minutes. And it will remind you that “where you do what you do matters a lot”. It certainly does. Make sure your day today is full or purpose – and intensely personal. You owe it to yourself.