Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

As we edge our way into spring here in the southern hemisphere, I can feel the energy and excitement that comes with the promise of warmer days. And these five must-read posts from last week will hopefully get your week started in the best possible way! Enjoy.

  1. Are you in a social media role for your company? How do you manage it? David Armano shares five tips for corporate ambassadors everywhere.
  2. I don’t normally include posts from the big blog publishing sites, but this post from Mashable on Facebook Insights is perfect for beginners (and the more experienced).
  3. Where does innovation happen? Saul Kaplan asks us to look between the silos in our organisations – to spend some time there. He calls it interstitial innovation. It’s like magic and I like it.
  4. For all our connectedness, it’s not about the technology (except for you gadget geeks, of course). The technology helps serve a purpose – to bring us together. This post from Olivier Blanchard reminds us that a real, real life, lived in the moment can sometime be the most memorable.
  5. In case you were looking, Valeria Maltoni shares 104 Social Media Case Studies. No, it’s not Valeria’s longest blog post ever. But it is very clever.

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