Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Sometimes squeezing all the great reading down to five must-read posts can be a challenge. Occasionally I will cheat and embed a couple of links into the one reference, but for the most part, I play honestly.

This week, again, there are some great articles for your reading pleasure. Take a read, look around the authors sites, and don’t forget to subscribe to their blog. It’s a much easier way to read – even if you do lose a little of the online experience. Anyway, here are five posts from last week that you really must read:

  1. In our myopic rush to a gazillion followers, fans or page views, we often forget that the social web runs on the spirit of generosity. With that in mind, Bryony Cole and Sarah Fosterling ask, who would you give $10 to?
  2. It’s all well and good covering your bases online – creating a digital footprint that would be the envy of one of Jurassic Park’s famous raptors. But once you have completed that part of your strategy – you now need to move to content, right? Valeria Maltoni asks whether there is an app for that 😉
  3. On the web – as in life – people often ask, “what’s in it for me?”. Of course, our sense of entitlement together with our sense of ownership have been powerful social drivers for the last 50 consumer-culture years. But there are other drivers – such as our sense of belonging. And as Mark Earls suggests, sometimes value exists in what we share.
  4. Dan Zarrella performs a little online experiment around the concept of social proof on the web.
  5. And finally, Ron Shevlin demands to be read, simply because he has the best blog post title of the week – refer madness. It’s all about referrals, so do make sure you take a look!