Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

This week it’s an all-Australian must-read list.

  1. Craig Wilson declares that Masterchef is the future of TV advertising, providing seven reasons to back up his case. And while I am about the only person in Australia to have no interest in the show, the ratings prove out its popularity and therefore its attractiveness to advertisers. But reality TV goes stale very quickly – it will be interesting to see how long the programming chefs can keep it fresh.
  2. Publishers rarely get insight into the reasoning behind a strategy – they simply see the execution and are expected to deliver. This week, Ben Shepherd asks why are you using digital and suggests that a little more transparency could yield better results.
  3. I have never been a fan of automated sentiment analysis, so Mandi Bateson’s Analysis of Sentiment Analysis strikes a chord with me. I particularly like the quote from Avinash Kaushik – “Most solutions stink. Not just stink… dinosaur’s breath after a meal stink.”
  4. I love the way that Gordon Whitehead continues to stir-up conversation in his local area. His Lunaticks Society of Newcastle efforts have surfaced an online population that is more than willing
  5. Zoe Scaman quotes Nicholas Carr – and suggests that the ready availability of information is giving us the illusion of knowledge. With a few keystrokes we can get the answer to almost any question – but does this mean we actually KNOW the answer. And could we take responsibility for our actions based on that information? There’s an important distinction.