Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

I was lucky enough to spend most of last week on vacation in the centre of Australia. It was a refreshing and reinvigorating experience. There was extremely limited mobile coverage (and what was available was no where near 3G) and a very small but expensive number of wireless hotspots. The relative “silence” helped focus my mind on “being away”. Having said that, I did take photos, some video and tap out a few notes for a travel diary (more on that soon).

The last part of the week saw me catching up on a few excellent blog posts, including these:

  1. The TEDWomen conference – it seems that pinnacle of ideals – the TED conference – simply cannot ensure enough speaking spots for inspiring women leaders. As a result, they are now launching a specific TEDWomen conference to address the imbalance. While I am all for a separate event, it’s a shame there wasn’t a more concerted effort to address the imbalance on the main conference stage.
  2. Dave Phillips puts together an interesting post on the @OldSpice campaign, suggesting it is viral, not social. What say you?
  3. Ed Cotton has an interesting article on behavioural economics – and challenges us all to get across the basics (if you aren’t already). Is it the real deal – or is it just recasting an old world in a new light?
  4. One I have to agree with – all customers are idiots. Right? John Dodds doesn’t just throw down the gauntlet, he throws it AT you. Yes you.
  5. SMEGnation – Mandi Bateson suggests it’s time we all got over ourselves and raise our hands for what we truly believe in (ie our egos). Oh, and happy birthday, Mandi!

3 thoughts on “Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

  1. yep, I don’t see the TEDWomen platform as an either/or but more of an ‘in addition to’.
    I’ve been a bit surprised by all of the TEDWomen snark about ‘segregation of stages’ and tossing the gals a bone/why can’t it be gender blind, etc. because like race, it simply isn’t so.
    Imbalance exists on the main stage, and to pretend it doesn’t (like pretending one is colorblind to race differences) is inauthentic.
    BUT…”The Girl Effect” definitely is in play when it comes to issues-based advocacy and subject matter that all too often gets thrown under the bus in co-ed global environs; so I heartily embrace having leaders at BOTH venues, big time. (more on GEffect rationale here:)
    I agree w/you, it’s too bad we didn’t get there quicker from the get go…but at least the balance is being addressed and (hopefully) corrected.
    We’ll see how it all unfolds on stage down the line. Love these ’roundups’ of highlights, btw! 🙂

  2. Wow: I can’t believe I made the list (a secret ambition of mine for a long while)! Thanks for the link, and your contribution to the conversation.

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