How Big Brands Do Facebook Marketing

It is not uncommon for brand managers and marketing directors to think only of Facebook when discussing social media. Sure, Facebook continues to grow (and maintain) it’s dominance on the web, but there are a plethora of other useful sites and platforms that may be more useful for your brand.

But if you ARE one of those who are actively pursuing Facebook as part of your social engagement strategy, you will be interested in the following presentation. Created by the folks from Webtrends, it provides a quick overview of the aggregated statistics, but then moves into the differing approaches that you need to take for a socially-driven campaign. Rather than working with the standard marketing funnel, they suggest that you work with a campaign cycle. And while this applies to Facebook, the same framework can easily be applied to any campaign (yes even a traditional ATL campaign).

There is a section on how Webtrends can be used in conjunction with your Facebook apps and pages, some tips on getting started and some things that you should avoid.

My experience reinforces the findings. Facebook ads have been spectacularly useful and can be minutely targeted. It requires a little more strategic thinking, and creative effort, but can generate significant results. Combine that with some smart apps or page widgets and you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved. Oh, and one other point – give yourself enough time to allow the network to grow and generate results.

How the Big Brands do Facebook Marketing

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