Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Have you ever noticed the ebb and flow of blogging – how some weeks there are hundreds of new posts flooding the social media streams, while at other times they dwindle? There was a slow start last week, but it picked up as we hit Wednesday. Or perhaps it was me. Anyway, here are five great posts from last week. Enjoy!

  1. In the great rush to push content out, we often forget to double check our trust index. Just watch how quickly social media oriented market research results spread. But how often do you double check the sample size, the reputation of the research group or even look at the focus and structure of the questions? Ron Shevlin suggests that you can’t always trust trust research, I tend to agree.
  2. On the subject of asking the right questions, Umair Haque suggests that the role of governments and markets have been confused. Rather than looking at the whether governments should accept the dictates and direction of markets, perhaps we should look to something like ‘betterment’ – and we need new economic tools to help us. He suggests four new economic benchmarks.
  3. Edward Boches provides a little context around Bud Caddell’s crowdfunding project – The Bucket Brigade. In this day and age, as Edward explains, you don’t need a gigantic network to create, experiment and succeed. You just need a committed and active network.
  4. Patti Huntington reminds us that beauty is timeless with a post on Charlotte Rampling making the cover of Crush. Great to see some diversity of representation.
  5. Jasmin Tragas shares a series of videos on cool things you can do with iPads and music.

2 thoughts on “Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

  1. thanks Gavin 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the iPad post. I had fun searching for them on Youtube – amazing how people have found different ways of using the iPad for music so quickly. Can’t wait to see what else people will end up creating.
    I’m also hoping to update my blog soon to….drumroll…self hosted (thanks to @chriscantcook) so watch this space for some improvements to ww.

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