Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

With all the excitement of launching Age of Conversation 3 last week, I just ran out of time to bring you the five must-read posts. But this week, it’s back, with a more introspective feel! Hope you find these quietly inspiring!

  1. BJ Smith writes an open social media letter to some friends. He suggests that you don’t need to “join” the conversation – you are already part of it.
  2. franksting (Gavin Costello) shared his personal lamentations over Facebook and the privacy changes.
  3. Jye Smith profiles Jeremy J Somers. I love the way Jeremy explains work ethic – “do what needs to be done”.
  4. Craig Wilson talks convergence – and what happens when television meets the iPad (via Mumbrella). Revolution indeed.
  5. Katie Harris asks us to take a step back from the data that we so easily now accumulate and zero-in on the analysis. Have we gone too far in our love affair with numbers? What The Cornerstone of good research?