Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Amber and GavinI was on-the-fly last week, jumping from city to city across America. I was lucky enough to catch up with a bunch of Age of Conversation authors in Des Moines (see Drew McLellan’s snaps) including my longtime-online friends Mike Sansone and Mike Wagner. I also got to have lunch with Amber Naslund, dinner with Beth Harte and Valeria Maltoni in Philadelphia, share ideas with Marilyn Pratt and Cory Coley-Christakos (who has a great article on sustainability on the SAP community), drink and talk with Angela Maiers, Sandy Renshaw and Jim Lindberg, and hang out with Jeff Cutler. Special thanks go to Drew McLellan and his family for sharing their home with me over the weekend.

In amongst all this travel (and work), there were also hours of jetlag-induced sleeplessness allowing me to do quite a bit of reading. The five posts that cut through the haze for me were:

  1. Katie Chatfield asks – if we look into the future, to 2050, what will we be nostalgic about. It makes you really think through the changes that are affecting us, and what we prioritise in our lives.
  2. Neil Perkin has a great post on Unproductivity. Take a look at the “cycle of doom” – you’ll nod your head because we have all been there!
  3. Saul Kaplan reminds us that stuff happens – and the best thing we can do is to ensure that we have built in resilience.
  4. Ellen Weber challenges us to inspire change in the uninspired. Easier said than done 😉
  5. And I loved the whimsy the balloon tank evokes over on Angus’ blog. It was a bright spot in a long, dark night in Washington DC (incidentally, it’s the same pic used in Katie’s post).

2 thoughts on “Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

  1. Gavin,
    We loved having you and I was a rock star for being the one to get Gavin to Des Moines! So you improved my street cred considerably!
    Don’t you love the fact that social media means that a guy traveling on business from Sydney can find people to hang with in just about every city in the states? And I know…visa versa!

  2. Fantastic to see you Gavin! I think “lunch”, “dinner” and / or “drink” should figure more prominently into the next meeting 🙂
    I’m working my way through this week’s version of must-read posts with great enjoyment.

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