Lead Generation, Community and Other Games of Chance

I have had a brilliant day presenting at the ConnectNow conference here in Sydney. Living here in Australia means that there is rarely a chance to see the likes of Tara Hunt, Brian Solis, Debs Shultz, Gary Vaynerchuck without travelling across the world – and similarly, it’s rare to be able to spend time with those who are closer to home such as Darren Rowse, Katie Chatfield, Jim Stewart, Simon Young, Laurel Papworth and Stephen Johnson.

I was asked to set the scene for the three days of presentations, panels and workshops focusing on the convergence of social media, emerging technologies and enterprise.

In my talk I used a ball of string, passing it through the audience to kick start our thinking around what it means to be connected. It was also a metaphor for communications, marketing and social media that helps us think through what we say and how we say it – and what it means to actually participate in the creation of value with and through an audience.

My slides are available on slideshare – and as you can see, are a crystallisation of many of the concepts that I have been writing about here for the last three or four years.

Connect Now Lead Gen+Community

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If you aren’t able to make it to the conference for the remaining days, you can follow along via Twitter using the #cnow hashtag, and join in the discussion over at the ConnectNow group posterous site.

And if you ARE at the conference, be sure to say hi during one of the breaks – or better yet, come to coffee morning on Friday. Details are here.

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  1. this presentation help us out on self empowerment and building our self out. thanks for sharing this presentation…

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