Be Your Brand’s Blood Transfusion – 30 Second MBA

We are all time poor. We skim RSS feeds rather than reading blogs. We prowl Twitter in search of answers rather than searching on our own (much to Google’s chagrin). And we look for simple answers to complex questions. And while there is much to be lamented in this, there is something deliciously inspiring about Fast Company’s 30 Second MBA site.

One of my favourites is this short segment from CK Prahalad – focus on sustainabilty as a framework for innovation – but there are plenty of other videos on a range of business subjects. Sure, these segments won’t qualify you for an MBA, but they will get you on the path to thinking about your business, organisation or brand in a new way. And there’s not a business around that doesn’t need that – even truly innovative organisations need a blood transfusion from time to time.

But the question remains. Who is the person who brings that blood transfusion to your business?