Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

14th february 2010In amongst the thought leadership, the tips and tricks and the case studies that fill my reader each week, a gem sometimes emerges. It’s not easily explained. It makes my heart skip. And it comes with its own a-ha moment.

I have a dedicated category on my reader that helps me follow the writers who surprise and delight me. But in a way, I expect a certain style of writing from those blogs. It’s the surprising post from the unexpected source that I am truly seeking this week.

Interestingly then, this week’s must-read posts from last week is all about you.

  1. Week 6 of Wonderment: Reinvent – comes from Jasmin Tragas, seeking to find the wonder in every day living. It’s part of a collaborative Flickr project and is already turning up some fantastic imagery.
  2. Valeria Maltoni talks about the hard work of being “you” – providing some practical advice along the way.
  3. John Hagel asks “who are you” and explains that your answer influences everything that follows. How we perceive ourselves, what we do and how we behave, are all changing – and this poses interesting questions, provides opportunities, exposes challenges and also shortcomings. Take a look.
  4. Chris Guillebeau shares (again) his Brief Guide to World Domination which stems from two key questions – what do you really want to get out of life? And – What can you offer the world that no one else can?
  5. It could get worse again is, well … let me just say it is something you have to experience on your own terms.

5 thoughts on “Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

  1. Marcus is writing again!
    Well, that has to be a sign of something. Just what, I’m not sure.
    Thanks, as always, for stirring things up from down under.
    Keep creating…it freaks people out,

  2. I think figuring out what you can offer the world that no one else can is a key to success. I think it has to blend with “give your best where you have your best to give.”

  3. Hello Mike. Many thanks for your explanation mark. It cheered me up no end. I have been writing under the guise of the Kaiser for a while now but It could get worse again is a more private thingy – no characters – and marks a return to, well, personal blogging.
    Gavin – you are naughty.

  4. Thanks so much Gavin for pointing to the Wonderment project. One of the reasons I enjoy your blog is because you also seem to have an appreciate of the importance of imagination and wonderment (like your PLAY posts.)
    I’m personally enjoying looking for moments of wonderment on my iPhone each week. But just as equally, I’m enjoying the images that people are adding to the Flickr group. Each shared snippet of time – transporting me briefly to a second of captured imagination – makes me smile!
    Thanks for sharing the other links in this post too – all interesting! Looking forward to reading AOC3! Cheers

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