Commonwealth Bank’s 2013 Vision

Monty Hamilton pointed out that comments have been disabled on the Commonwealth Bank’s 2013 Vision video. Yet they allowed the embed code. So I thought I’d drop the video in here and get your feedback.

I was immediately struck by how little social interaction took place in the lives of the featured couple. I was amazed that there was no understanding of the way that technology is being used not for its own sake (or for economic/transactional productivity), but to connect with others, to exercise social judgement (especially around purchasing decisions) or to coordinate and maximise the social time we have available to us in our otherwise busy lives. There were some nice touches, and perhaps the best use of a Microsoft Surface that I have seen. 

But how does this map to your vision of the future three years from now?

6 thoughts on “Commonwealth Bank’s 2013 Vision

  1. I don’t know, Sam. I’m not a customer.
    I do applaud CommBank for putting together a vision statement in this way – and for making it publicly available. But is this the way I expect to be living? Is this the way I expect to be consuming financial services? Where are the microloans to my family and friends? Where is the CSR?
    Maybe this is just part one in a multi-part series. I’d love to see that.

  2. It’s a pretty, longform TVC. Nothing more than CBA trying to say how cool they are.
    You’re absolutely right that there appears to be no understanding of the connected lives we now lead. They’ve merely latched on to all the latest tech trends – AR, touch devices, etc.
    But where are their friends? Family? Networks of whatever?

  3. Jules – at first I thought that was Jarryd Hayne in the video 🙂 Then I noticed that he never stirred the coffee after putting the milk in … that was weird … who does that?
    The ad is ok. I would ahve preferred to have seen more about how all that technology would integrate into life. Instead it just looks like they are connected to CommBank 24-7!!!
    Why is the corner of the iPhone style device cut-off? Is it to mimic the CommBank logo?

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