Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

It was hard whittling down a bunch of excellent posts from last week. As usual there were some great pieces of thinking, some analysis, observation and outright good storytelling.

But I try to spot last week’s very best posts – and after hard week’s panning, these five shiny pieces of gold were left in my sieve:

  1. John Hagel has an excellent post, Reshaping Relationships through Passion, asking whether, during this time of shifting priorities, behaviours and approaches, whether “shy people” are placed at a disadvantage. Tapping our passions is recommended.
  2. Valeria Maltoni talks conversation strategy – and shows how some of the best in the business bring an online conversation to life – automatically.
  3. Jeremiah Owyang regularly pulls together detailed statistics on the social web. Here is his Social Network Statistics post – which will be updated throughout the year.
  4. Ivan Askwith talks strategy, viral and keeping your customers at the centre of the brand experience. My favourite line – “Viral isn’t what a marketing campaign is, but how that campaign spreads”. Hooray.
  5. Mike Arauz asks us to think about betting against the sure thing. What would that mean for your advertising and marketing efforts? How would it change your sense of yourself?