Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

eyedonistAs we get to the fag-end of the year, we tend to see a splurge of posts talking about the trends that happened and the opportunities yet to come. But rather than give these oxygen, I wanted to call out some outstanding posts from the last week that really focus on operationalising your marketing efforts (with particular focus on social media):

  1. Sean Moffitt suggests we should stop denying that we need to engage influencers. I particularly like the fact that he doesn’t just randomly point towards the loud voices in the social media echo chamber, opting instead to focus on the six types of influencers – tastemakers, trendspotters, opinion leaders, experts, grassroots celebrities and social ringleaders. Oh, and he has a great presentation to boot!
  2. In this great post, Amber Naslund explains that sometimes – just sometimes – an organisation (it could be yours) is just not ready for social media. What do you do once you have led your horse to water? You might be surprised at the answer.
  3. Mack Collier, as usual, delivers the goods, showing Three Ways a Company Blog Can Lower Costs for Your Business.
  4. Some brilliant, practical advice from Valeria Maltoni on the power of personal bootstrapping. Particularly useful if you are changing or between jobs.
  5. One of the things I like most about digital media is that it is actionable. Stefano Maggi reminds us that you need to carefully plan for Context vs Distribution.