When Storytelling and News Meet

jawbone In amongst the pitches and requests that speed from my Inbox to the Trash, sometimes, just sometimes, comes something worth pausing over. An email from Todd Denis from Jawbone.tv made me curious enough to take a moment to check out the story – and I am glad I did.

Not only does Jawbone cover niche news topics in an engaging way, there is always a storytelling aspect to the content that they feature. For example, this article on Significant Objects is not just interesting in itself, but goes into the detail of how storytelling has been used as the basis for a social experiment – where a worthless object is transformed into something desirable (and valuable). Take a read.

What the experiment shows is that objects become valuable when a narrative or story is attached. That is, objects (yes, even social objects) are worth more to us, the readers, when it comes with a story. This is something that BTL advertisers and promotional marketers have known for years. The question here is how you and I can turn storytelling, objects and even events into an experience that our customers will pay for.

Oops, I think I just gave the answer away.

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