Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

A different seasonOver the last week I have been particularly fascinated by the concept of “a name”. This is not anything new (I have been reading and re-reading On the Name by Derrida for years), but interestingly, a number of posts have surfaced over the last week that made my reading ears prick up. Hope you enjoy these five posts from last week:

  1. Isn’t interesting the way we use the word “traditional” for an approach that we are beginning to find outdated? Katie Harris asks Traditional vs what? – and while her question focuses on market research – apply the same thinking to your own field of expertise. Which words are you promoting and which are you denigrating? And why?
  2. How do you sell without selling? Valeria Maltoni explains what is meant by a “value exchange” – building your name, your reputation and your brand at every touchpoint so that when your customers are ready, they already prefer what you have to offer.
  3. Gordon Whitehead digs into the marketing department (again!) to ask whether it is time to change the role of the Brand Manager to that of a Brand Advocate.
  4. What does your work mean to you? Is it just a word, an output, a check in the box? Maryam shares the story of a man whose work runs much deeper.
  5. Ever wondered what the R stands for in the term “social media revolution”? Julian Cole explains – it stands for Rubbish.