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The Paper Round- The SundayWhen I first started blogging, it took literally months for visitors to start showing up. I did everything that Darren Rowse and Yaro Starak suggested – I commented, I created writing categories, editorial calendars, I linked and promoted others and I wrote some lists. I would start each day by checking my visitor statistics, hoping that it would show an increase over the previous day. But months in, the traffic numbers could be counted on one hand.

Slowly the traffic began to build. I was amazed. It felt like magic – that someone out there was finding their way to my blog. And then BOOM! My first comment (I’m looking at you Olivier Blanchard). I could hardly breathe with the excitement.

And you know what? I still feel like that today. If you have a blog, you’ll know what I mean (I hope). It’s like a scorching cup of Single Origin’s finest, sharpest black coffee. It jolts you to life.

For all the people who visit, read and comment here – let me say “thank you”. Your thoughts, ideas and discussions have made my life much richer.

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