Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

5Another week has passed with a brimful of sterling posts from around the world! First stop – in case you missed it – is the US with KD Paine’s excellent measurement blog – but keep reading, there’s more goodness in store for you!

  1. We ALL know it, but sometimes it takes a big brand name or an analyst group to crystalise our thinking. KD Paine points out that it’s PEOPLE not TOOLS that matter when it comes to measurement – and Forrester and Google agree.
  2. Sean Howard then serves up another dose of measurement goodness, exposing the Myth of Social Media Measurement.
  3. Mandi Bateson shares a case study for the 7 Days in Sydney campaign for Tourism NSW. Check it out.
  4. Mark Pollard delivers a massive post and a great read around the way that Google Insights can be used to drive your digital strategy – shedding some light on the efforts of some big brands here in Australia
  5. Ian Lyons – the man who is always ready with a gadget and an idea – has launched his new website – Quick Smarts. Check it out for the kind of tips, tricks and ideas that make your boss gasp!

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