Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

There is just so much good quality material flying around this week it is hard to contain my list to just five. But here goes:

  1. Scott Monty serves up Fear and Loathing in Social Media – and steps us through the 5 Stages of Social Media Grief (your brand or your brand manager will need to go through these five steps before realising that yes, social media is here to stay)
  2. I am sure you have seen those ragged, half-alive social zombies – the social microsite that is left to hang in cyberspace long after the campaign finishes. Armando Alves suggests we should clean up the mess we made in the first place!
  3. Angus shares a way to claim your expensive meal even if you lost your receipts.
  4. Sometimes rather than writing more, maybe we should just stop. (Hmmm, could be a problem for me). Amber Naslund takes her time to consider how to take the conversation to a new level.
  5. You were always on my mind – or why David Gillespie thinks, rightly, that good branding is not about being top of mind, but being embedded in culture and behaviour.

One thought on “Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

  1. Gavin, thank you for the link! I was knee deep in client-land this week and found myself having the same conversation several times – let’s find the synergies in the audience you already have rather than trying to create new ones. Slowly slowly catchy monkey…

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