Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Peace be with all of us!I am a little out of sync after the energy and excitement of the MarketingNow! conference in Melbourne (I will be writing up my thoughts over the next few days – so make sure to check back).

But here are five excellent posts that I missed – and thought I’d share with you:

  1. The Plague of Plagiarism – what happens when your blog posts and ideas start appearing across the web – without attribution? Peter Kim delves into the subject and creates a dynamic conversation around this tricky and touchy topic.
  2. Mack Collier looks at Seth Godin’s launch of his fancy brand-version of Squidoo – or what Mack calls the “fast food version of social media engagement”.
  3. As if to prove that the future of your brand is social, Google unveils SideWiki – a new tool that allows ANYONE to comment on your website. Jeremiah Owyang explains why it changes the game (and if you have it installed, you can see the message that I left for you on my home page!).
  4. Francois Gossieaux suggests that we should look more deeply at the behaviour of our customers – and tap into the signals, symbols and rules to promote engagement.
  5. Gordon Whitehead goes from rant to activism in his efforts to get people voting in the NSW AMI election. If you are a member, check out Gordon’s voting recommendations!