Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

PinThere is always plenty of good reading available. Smart people. Simple publishing systems. Makes me think that for-pay content may face an uphill battle, even for Uncle Rupert Murdoch.

Some gold from last week. Feed your brain:

  1. Sean Moffitt looks at personal reach and the transformation this has on both our personal and professional lives.
  2. Not everyone you meet online is going rush up to greet you when you meet face-to-face. Chris Guillebaeau reminds us that sometimes, social media is for introverts.
  3. Tiphereth Gloria is keeping an eye on Facebook for us all – and showing how exactly our privacy is a subject for continual experimentation.
  4. Part of the power of social networks is the way it transforms our sense of “connectedness”. It also opens the door to an unusual form of happenstance – what Ian Lyons calls directed serendipity. In this great post, Amber Naslund talks potential, surprise and exploration.
  5. Kevin Dugan combines social media with The Highlander to remind us that choosing your own path is one of the best choices we can ever make.

Is there something that I missed? What were your must-reads from last week?