As Busy As a Bee with Tweehive

tweehive1 What happens when bee colonies collapse? Is there a Plan Bee?

To raise awareness around the essential role that bees play in the environment, a bunch of people have come together to produce TWEEHIVE – a Twitter based role playing game. This game will run over three days  in three months – July 14, August 7 and September 5 – all in the lead up to Pestival, an imaginative, educational and cultural experience designed to shift our thinking about insects, the environment and the way that we relate to the world.

How do you get involved?

  1. Change your profile pic to a bee for the day. If feeling lazy the pic at the top of this post is the right size & dimensions for twitterpic
  2. Check the #tweehive stream, interact with other bees & generally enjoy the buzz. If new to twitter that just means put "#tweehive" into the search box
  3. Follow @tweehive – there will be guest queen bees including Alison Benjamin. If new to twitter that just means put "tweehive" into the find people search box (top menu) & click "follow"
  4. Get into character. What would your bee be doing through the day?
    For inspiration
    when tweeting remember to write #tweehive to appear in the stream
    also remember you can message other specific bees by using @twittername in your tweet
  5. Join in the treasure hunt for flowers hidden on bee friendly and tweehive related websites. HINT these are luscious floating flower picture hidden placed at the bottom of the page
  6. It’s never too late to swarm – do tell all your likeminded friends.
    An easy way to do that of course now is simply taking part
  7. If you have a relevant website/blog do register to host a flower for other bees to find
  8. Watch out for on the spot tasks and other Tweehive surprises…

Do come and join the fun and the tweehiveFB group It’s part of an insect arts ecology event at London’s South Bank