6 thoughts on “Chris Anderson’s Free

  1. Great idea… but is this truly free?
    Is this a format thing? Is he suggesting that ebooks will by nature of their format, forever going to be free?
    Or can we chalk this up to a gimmick that suggests more than the name implies?
    It’s a smart move, but is it as forward thinking as it looks?

  2. Interesting that – if you follow the link to read the book on the Scribd site – the “free” ebook is still geographically restricted. Obviously the rest of the world is supposed to pay to account for the publisher’s largesse in giving it away at home. Humph!!

  3. Oh what bullshit, it was only ever free for americans, classic example of how free publicity can backfire on you. I would deliberatly not purchase this book now purely on the basis of the american-centrist attitude to denying the free edition to the rest of the world. It’s time america woke up and realised they aren’t the center pf the world, and they’re certainly not the center of the internet either.

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