Social Media = People + People + People

It seems that almost every day I am involved in or overhear a conversation that asks the question “what is social media”. Invariably there is mention of “users” or “content” … but for all the inclusiveness of the definitions – the definitions sound hollow.

For me, social media is people. It is people who are out there trying to their very best to make a difference in the world of someone else. It’s the people in your business who go out of their way to make your organisation a better place for those who rub up against its thorny edges. And it is the people (the real ones) who share their issues, joys and chance encounters with whoever cares to read them.

But most of all, perhaps, it is the stories that we can share, person to person in amongst the chaos of the working day or in the casual violence of a business conversation – it’s the small things that take us by surprise -that reveal our humanity in an unexpected moment. And it is the shared thought of a moment long ago – where space and time become irrelevant (if only for a moment).

My Favourite Things from kidswithcrayons on Vimeo.

One thought on “Social Media = People + People + People

  1. Beautifully said, Gav. Seems like we are surrounded by more and more “people + people + people” who seem to really care. And this simple thought makes me confident about positive change spreading the world. Your post is challenging us to changing the word “link” to the word “people”, which makes a smile “pop” on my face. Thanks for connecting us all. : )

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