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It began with a handful of marketing/planning bloggers getting out from behind their desks and meeting in a cafe in North Sydney. Organised by Emily Reed, we thought it was such an amazing and fun thing to do that we decided to do it again … a week later.

Two and a half years later, the Sydney Coffee Mornings have turned into a vital and energetic event. Each Friday an ever growing group of people meet at the Single Origin Cafe on Reservoir Street in Sydney’s Surry Hills. There is debate and discussion, fantastic food, brilliant coffee and more smart people than you can hit with a stick.

All this is made possible by the gracious Gav, who makes us welcome each week, and the long suffering Single Origin team who make sure we are well caffeinated and, at times, entertained.

Next week, on June 10, I will be talking about our coffee mornings as part of Creative Sydney – Come Together – The New Creative Networks (please note, you need to book tickets – eventhough they are free). I am pulling together some pictures that capture some of the ambience – and thinking back through some of the stories I have heard or been part of. But tell me – what’s yours? Have you been to coffee morning? Why? What did you love about it? Do you have a favourite picture you can share? This one of Gav is one of mine.

6 thoughts on “Creative Sydney – A Singular Origin

  1. I can vouch for the Single Origin Coffee mornings — as a newbie I’ve found people are welcoming, friendly, and all have brains the sizes of planets (but hide it very well).

  2. For me the Coffee Mornings have been of great benefit both socially and professionally. I started going at a time when I had been made redundant, and whilst still at my job was planning my next move.
    Several people at the Coffee Mornings work within the same industry as me (Market Research), and they were more that willing to provide assistance and offer contact I should speak with.
    On a personal note it is great to catch up with Gavin who co-owns Single Origin Coffee. Having grown up with him as a friend of my older sisters, it’s nice to see he is still as wacky as he was in school.

  3. Well chances are I will never make it to your Creative Sydney Come Together, but it sounds amazing. I am trying to get a similar event going but it has been slow getting it started and the crowd averages 3 to 5 people per outing, but nobody really on a regular basis.
    If I ever make it to Australia (from the US) I will be sure to look you up, sounds like a great time.

  4. We had just one or two of us for quite some time. Keep hanging in there – you’ll be surprised at how it can snowball (eventually).

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