Holy Cow, That’s Flash

There was a time when I loved Flash. It was a darling. It made my life easy. It did things easily that I could only ever dream of. It wowed my boss, made my clients gasp and made me look like a hero.

But over the last couple of years my love affair has diminished.

In the hands of a skilled and creative programmer, Flash can again, amaze us. In this video, Mrinal Wadhwa shows how a bitmap can be “read” by a webcam and interpreted as a 3D object by Flash.

Now, imagine how this can transform our perception, use and behaviour. Think about the way that we live our lives in public – and our fascination with technology. Consider the products that we love and that make our accelerated lives more manageable – and then think about how virtual transformation like this could be applied to your offerings – to your digital products and services.

For me, this sort of work taps into our imagination – reminds me of what it is to be astounded (nb: it is the future of your brand). Something that is all too easily forgotten in a spoon-fed, digital world. Long live creativity in all its forms.

Via Craig Cmehill.

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