100 Insights, One Book – Connect! By The Project 100

Sometime ago, Jeff Caswell invited me to participate in a collaborative writing project. Inspired by The Age of Conversation (1 and 2), the books that Drew McLellan and I spearheaded in 2007 and 2008, The Project 100 brings together 100 authors to discuss marketing in the social media era. Interestingly, the book includes written chapters as well as Twitter messages. I am particularly excited to be part of this project (especially because all I had to do was write a chapter!).

The book, Connect! is now available for purchase for $19.95. All funds raised go to Susan G Komen for the Cure – and we are aiming to raise $5000 all up.

For a taste of what the book contains, Alan Wolk raises some serious questions about the validity of advertising in a connected world:

The amazing thing about social media is that it’s totally destroyed the power of ads to sell things to people. Because seriously, why would I bother listening to an ad when I can listen to the reviews and opinions of hundreds of my fellow consumers. Most of whom are interested in providing me with the real deal on whatever product or service they’re reviewing. Not in feeding me a clever pun or wacky visual.

My own chapter, “The New 30 Second Spot” suggests that we need to look anew at the “forgotten consumer, steadily tapping away on a keyboard, miming in front of a webcam and winning a motza in Texas Hold ’em poker.”

You can find out more about this great book, at the Project 100 website. And in the meantime, be sure to order a copy of this excellent, thought provoking book – and know that in doing so, you are supporting the fight against cancer.

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