How to Collaborate

I have worked on and with teams for most of my career … and I have found that I am most productive (and creative) when I am in a team environment (ok I like to lead, but can play nicely with others!). I know this is not the case for everybody – yet I am always surprised to learn that colleagues don’t understand the mechanics of collaboration. Even the basics of brainstorming seem foreign to some people. But now, Leisa Reichelt provides a solution that will get your collaborative process off to a flying start … with some great tips and techniques for brainstorming.

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One thought on “How to Collaborate

  1. Just now I joined in a team of around 10 people from various parts of the world. This team already had several sessions of brainstorming. I am new. Now I feel confident of attending the brainstorming sessions with lots of insights.
    I felt you wrote is just for me.
    Thanks so much!

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