Shift Happens Revisted, Again and Again

Web 2.0 or social media is predicated on the use and re-use of information, data, creative output and ideas in ever new versions – Baudrillard would be proud!. True to form, then, a newer, cleaner and probably more aesthetically coherent version of Karl Fisch's Shift Happens presentation is now available.

For those who have not seen this, it is a jaw-droppingly powerful presentation of raw facts placed within a context which is knowable (or at least more familiar) to us. It is, at once, a story that we know and one that we struggle to comprehend. And once you have seen it, your concept of "globalisation" is never quite the same again.

5 thoughts on “Shift Happens Revisted, Again and Again

  1. A powerful presentation indeed. But one that fails to answer a question that keeps popping in my head time and again – isn’t there an in-built rationalisation mechanism within all of us so as to not get overwhelmed by all this? My belief is that basics never change (never gets outdated)in any subject – thank God for that – no matter the exponential nature of the changes around us.

  2. One of my all time favourite videos- incredibly engaging and thought provoking. Great one for the ‘old media’ people to watch at a time like this.

  3. From my experience these ‘world is changing’ preso’s with loads of data and power statements and ‘everything is changing’ sentiment often fall flat with the people they’re intended for.
    Those in the digital services world love them but ultimaely they’re not made for us.

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