Fresh Air Fund Counsellors

When I first heard of the Fresh Air Fund I was amazed. I loved the idea. I just wished that there was something similar here in Australia. In case you don't know, The Fresh Air Fund has been giving inner-city children from New York the joy of a summer vacation with volunteer host families and at Fund camps, creating unforgettable memories and fresh possibilities. Some of the stories that come out of these experiences are amazing … and obviously life changing for all involved.

Now, as we are well into 2009, the Fresh Air Fund are looking for camp counsellors for their Summer 2009 season (that's mid-year in the northern hemisphere). What's in store?

The experience you're about to apply for will be like no other, and it's going to take patience, flexibility, creativity, and a whole lot of self-motivation. But the rewards will be great… overcoming challenges, meeting new friends, playing games in the sun, jumping into the cool lake, painting face masks, hitting a home run, telling stories around a camp fire…

So, if you are aged 18 or over (as at June 20), have completed at least one year of college by the summer, and want to have a real impact on the life of a child, then think about applying. But don't take my word for it … listen to what former counsellors say about their experience …

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  1. hey amigo, my sister has taken in fresh air fund kids for several years….she and my nephews really enjoy it!

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