Join Us in Twitter Poetry

Way back in March 2007, I decided to run a Twitter experiment. How could we turn “conversations” into “collaboration”. So I setup an account with the aim of producing a collaborative/crowdsourced poem.

The result, almost two years later is this poem (unfortunately you need to read backwards). We have over 230 updates and 350 followers.

But I think we can do better, you and I. Why don’t you login and add to this poem. You can either:

  • Log into the TwitterPoetry account: Use the username TwitterPoetry and password twitterpoetry and contribute a line to the growing poem.
  • Follow TwitterPoetry: Become a "follower" of TwitterPoetry and see how the poem grows as and when someone else contributes to it.

Oh, and if you figure out how to flip the twitter stream around, please let me know!