ad:tech Panel – The Relevance of Twitter

You may have heard of Twitter, you may even have started using Twitter, but how far will you go? Will you go through the Three Stages of Twitter Commitment? And if you do, what value will you get out of this seemingly inane conversational tool?

033 of 365 (Feb 2nd, 2009)Well I am here to tell you that you can derive significant BUSINESS value from a strategic and committed use of Twitter. In fact, I will not only write about it, I will TALK about it at the upcoming ad:tech conference in Sydney on March 10 at 4:35pm.

Join me, Laurel Papworth, Mike Hickinbotham and Jye Smith on as we debate real-life Twitter case studies (including of course, the problematic BigPond Twitter launch and subsequent rebound) and discuss:

  • The key functionalities Twitter offers
  • How Twitter can support business objectives
  • The evolution of the B2C Twitter relationship
  • The value of Twitter networks
  • How to monetise Twitter for business impact

The ad:tech program is shaping up to be a must-see event – especially given the current economic conditions (after all, we all love an edge over our competitors). If you have not purchased your tickets, drop me a note and I will send you a code to receive 20% off.

Hope to see you there (or at least on the Twitter back channel).

4 thoughts on “ad:tech Panel – The Relevance of Twitter

  1. I think all attendees get a free copy of Marketing mag.
    Which is good, because my column in that issue is all about my Twitter experience. Coincidence? I think not.

  2. Yeah that’s right Stan^. And a good column it is too.
    It’s also our yearly ‘digital’ issue that includes a feature called ‘Online consumer conversation’ that I actually got some fantastic answers from Gavin for it, so in a strange sense this is all one timely big personal brand PR dream. 😀
    Gordon – it will be nice to see you there too and put a voice to the name and face.
    Looking forward to listening to discussion!

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