Isadore Biffin Talks Child Soldiers

When I first started to talking with Isadore Biffin about her plans for a concert, I wondered if she knew what lay ahead. In the palm of her hand were a couple of sheets of paper with headings like "marketing plan" and "audience" – but there were plenty of blank spaces. But as we talked more, I could see she was serious … that there was a commitment in her voice – and that she needed help to find the way ahead.

And as you can now see and hear (thanks to the folks at Moshcam), that passion is evident in everything that she says, and in all of the actions and efforts, that were required to bring an event like this to life. For not only did Isadore get 200+ people into The Factory Theatre on a Sunday evening, she had the support of a number of bands who played for free and was able to raise thousands of dollars for the rehabilitation of former child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Not bad for a Year 12 student. Not bad for anyone.

But if you were not able to be there at the concert, you can still participate. Thanks to Moshcam, you can view the concert footage online (seems that it still needs to be sorted by event) … with performances by Jack Carty and the Party, The Shipwrecked, Falling in Autumn, Adam Cousens, Tim Ireland and Levi McGrath. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Moshcam have featured Isadore's Article Thirty-Nine concert on their blog.