My Dog Can Fly

My dog can fly
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Sometimes you just need a little time out to recharge.

For some it means withdrawing into a cave; for others it means a beachside holiday. Some will travel abroad. Others stay closer to home.

This week I am hunkering down with some good books. I am aiming to dig into the Future of Your [bleep] series again, and hoping to clarify some new thinking on storytelling, personality and what it means to live in this Age of Conversation.

I will be a little disconnected — but I have scheduled a series of posts to continue the conversation. I will check-in from time-to-time … and will certainly respond to your comments next week.

And now, I am off to teach my dog to fly.

2 thoughts on “My Dog Can Fly

  1. My dog would probably volunteer to give lessons… It always makes me wince a little when he practices flying, though, like the time he flew over the retaining wall (that drops about eight feet to the ground below), only to try to leap back up it. He bounced straight off that wall and fell on his back. Hasn’t given up flying, though ;-). (Fortunately, he usually does it on relatively level ground in the back yard.)
    Sounds like you’ve picked some great books for your time away!

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