Waning Support For the Australian Internet Filter

From the blogosphere to Parliament House and back again, it seems that support for the Australian Government's internet censorship trial is waning.

There are now strong campaigns being run by EFA and by GetUp
– and rallies scheduled for capital cities tomorrow. But the surprise of the day goes to conservative Senator Cory Bernadi, who states on his blog:

Parental responsibility cannot and should not be abrogated to government – if it is, our society will only become weaker.

Yes, illegal content should be banned from the web. It is illegal after all, but it is wrong to give the government a blank cheque to determine what is appropriate for us to view on the Internet. That is a job for families, working with government.

As I have said repeatedly, let's spend the money (reputed to be $150 million not $40 million) on better education for kids and their parents – and think about the opportunities for our digital futures rather than consigning our country to the digital backwaters.

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