Eat.Sleep.Blog Episode 9

This is the next instalment of the intermittent Eat.Sleep.Blog conversation between Paul McEnany, Sean Howard and Gavin Heaton. ESB is an occasionally NSFW discussion on the current state of marketing and branding. (You can even join the ESB Fan Page on Facebook!)

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Running at around 45 minutes, the focus of this episode is on the power, potential and challenges presented by new “community services” such as Google Friend Connect and Facebook Connect. We discuss:

  • The sudden appearance of Friend Connect on blogs such as Armando Alves’ A Source of Inspiration and Paul’s Hee-Haw Marketing (1:46)
  • Google needing to accelerate their partner network to catch up with Facebook (2:20)
  • Is the future of websites “social” and do these services change what we consider a “destination site”? (4:00)
  • Will the benefits of “group sourcing” rather than “crowdsourcing” transform “influence networks”? (6:00)
  • What is the power of “where our friends are and where they choose to respond”? (7:30)
  • Sean explains the value of services like Gigpark (8:10)
  • Recommendation engines and influence segmentation (10:00)
  • Where is the point of monetisation and how does aggregate data work for marketers? (12:00)
  • Why semantic evaluation will not deliver the answers that marketers want (but think they can extract) (14:00)
  • The need for human interpretation of data to extract insight (20:00)
  • Will social media, influence networks and reputation engines scale in a useful way? (21:00)
  • Can we predict who we trust? (23:30)
  • What happens when the Internet REALLY explodes as a network with the mass adoption of technology across the world – and what does this mean for “scale”? (25:30)
  • Is the semantic web a survival mechanism for the Internet? (28:00)
  • Will the web simply become another form of TV measurement? (30:30)
  • We send a shout out to our #1 fan, Mack Collier (33:00)
  • A new world of privacy (36:00)
  • The uselessness of website T&Cs (40:00)
  • The attractions of the Dallas Waffle House (47:00) – yes, it goes downhill quickly!
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4 thoughts on “Eat.Sleep.Blog Episode 9

  1. Hey Gavin,
    Great episode.
    I’m one of the founders of GigPark and I’m thrilled to hear Sean expressing his enthusiasm for our app.
    We’ve seen a lot of great activity on GigPark lately. Our users are telling us that they like it because …
    (a) recommendations from people they trust are better than random reviews (especially for services like web designers, real estate agents, painters, etc.), and
    (b) there isn’t the noise of every other social conversation with friends (like Twitter, Facebook, etc.) – GigPark is only about finding that trusted service provider your friends use. Focus.
    We’re also getting great feedback from the businesses that get recommended. They’re getting new clients through GigPark because referrals are how they get almost all of their new business anyway and GigPark is amplifying this word-of-mouth.
    Anyway, great chat! I look forward to future episodes.
    Noah Godfrey
    Founder, GigPark

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