Like OMG, If You Are Not Careful Those Clever Gals will Neek Up On You


The social media world can be a surprising place. It can be filled with joy, snarkiness, horror and even insight. You can read blog posts that make your heart ache and others that will lift your spirits – but no matter where I look, I see all about me, a seething mass of creativity. I smell the stench of humanity.

In the last year I have had the great opportunity to meet some fantastic people. I have read their blogs, followed their conversations (on Twitter) and watched their online shows. I have spent time in their company and been endlessly entertained by their views on the world. But recently, two people have captured my attention.

They write with wit and charm. They make me gasp and laugh out loud – really, there is no affectation here. I am constantly bowled over by their candour and by their courage. I hope you find Annik Skelton’s blog as delightfully shocking as I. And trust Heather Snodgrass’ sharp personal observations will keep you coming back for more.

4 thoughts on “Like OMG, If You Are Not Careful Those Clever Gals will Neek Up On You

  1. You’ve always set aside a bit of time to check out the fresh stuff and yet really my only technique is to hit the ‘next blog’ button on blogger which isn’t very good. Be interesting to know if there’s a pattern to discovery.
    Also (I do go on don’t I) it occured to me the other day that I seem to remember that on more than one occasion you’ve demonstrated a deep understanding of narrative structure, story telling and so on, which is way above average when you consider we (the online gang I lie to think of us as) all have stury writing skills and devour an awful lot of text.
    I don’t think a lot people actually grasp how much ground RSS enables us all consumer. I don’t mind that word for the social media context at all!

  2. Good picks. I must admit, my usual grey work day is occasionally perked up by the gold these two fire out in their twitter feeds.

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