Concert Time at The Factory – Article Thirty-Nine

a39_one Each day we get closer to the month of never-ending Christmas parties … but before we get too excited about the year end festivities, I would like to remind you to set aside the afternoon/evening of November 23 – especially if you live in Sydney. From 4pm, Sydney schoolgirl, Isadore Biffin, is hosting a concert at The Factory in Enmore, featuring some great bands and speakers – with the aim of raising money for the rehabilitation of former child soldiers in The Congo.


You may have seen the recent news reports on the situation in Africa. The problems seem massive – 250,000 refugees on the march, potential famine, war. But it is important to remember, there are real people behind these figures – little kids, mothers, families – all struggling to survive. But you CAN make a difference.


By attending the Article Thirty-Nine concert, you will be supporting a cause that will change the lives of kids in Africa. Not only will you have a great time, listen to some great music and be inspired by passionate speakers, you will be helping to make a difference. Tickets are only $20 … and absolutely all profits make their way to Africa. Hope to see you there!


Oh, and there is even a Facebook group. You can find it here!

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One thought on “Concert Time at The Factory – Article Thirty-Nine

  1. Hi Gavin,
    Bravo to Isadore and I appreciate your calling attention to an important cause. The tragedy of child soldiers is a story that needs to be told. As I was born in the Congo (to parents who were diplomats stationed there at the time), the horrors of this particular conflict are somehow more personal.
    Thanks for alerting your readers.

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