What Marketing Students Need To Know – in 140 Characters

One of the powerful aspects of Twitter is that, with the right connections, it creates a powerful, live, expert network. Within hours you can reach well outside the walls of your own business to tap into the experience and insight of others who may well have the knowledge you need to solve a current business problem.

Darryl Ohrt explains that a friend was preparing for a class on PR and decided to tap the collective wisdom of his Twitter network.Brad Ward went ahead and asked the question:

HEY!!!! If you had 133 characters to tell a class of PR college students something, what would it be? Tag it #jr342. Thanks!! And retweet.

The replies that came back apply not just to students of PR (let’s face it, that is all of us), but can be readily applied to any form of marketing.

I like Douglas Karr’s take on reputation and focus on outcomes.


  And I think Allie Osmar’s focus on continuous learning is also important. 


But perhaps the most insightful response was this from Jason Kintzler who acknowledged the changing focus and shape of our industry and the growing influence of non-traditional media. 


Take a look at the full range of responses here.

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  1. Twitter is definitely a powerful platform as long as you’re not blurting (that’s what people should use texting on their cellphones for). Now, and I do ask this respectfully, how can’t I find a link to your twitter here? Do you use it to communicate with your community?

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