Do Good on Blog Action Day

Are you new to social media? Does it feel confusing? Fast? Alien?

When you step into the social media world, you certainly are entering a new domain and a new way of understanding the way that we PARTICIPATE in our local and global communities. I don’t mean the veiled participation of global democracies. I mean, real me-and-you participation … working together to CHANGE what already is into something we WANT it to be.

This is a fundamental change in the role of the individual. It is tribal, but tribal by association. We can choose where we belong. We can mark ourselves as participants simply by doing … and indeed, one of the hallmarks of social media is the collapsing of thought and action. In this brave new world, words (while powerful) fade in comparison to actions. Our measurement, our worth, our standing in the world is determined not by what we write, but by what we do. And Blog Action Day is a great example.

October 15 is Blog Action Day, a non-profit event that aims for mass participation around a single theme. This year, the focus is on poverty and there is much that you can do to raise awareness and contribute to this global movement: 

  • You can make a loan and change a life by investing in an entrepreneur’s business through Kiva   
  • Visit, register and contribute to the movement by writing a blog post
  • Read other Blog Action Day posts, comment on them and help build momentum

But if you are closer to Sydney and you want to make a tangible difference to the lives of others, consider attending the Article Thirty-Nine Concert in Sydney next month. Tickets are now available, and there are some great bands donating their time and talent in support of child soldiers.



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6 thoughts on “Do Good on Blog Action Day

  1. Kiva is excellent – helping get businesses and entrepreneurs in third-world countries on their feet. While ensuring people get food, water, medical supplies is obviously vitally important I like the unique longer-term focus of Kiva – helping people fulfil their dreams of owning a business, helping the economy, helping get supplies to these communities other than just basic necessities.
    And it’s low risk too – I’ve just about recovered all my money from what I’ve loaned and expect the last few payments won’t be a problem.
    Unfortunately due to the financial position I’m in currently with car loan, rent and a mortgage I won’t be loaning any more through Kiva for the next 6 months but I strongly encourage anyone who has surplus cash to do something good with it! You don’t have to be all about maximising your investments, gaining interest and all that – there are more important things in life. Well, I think so anyway. As long as your superannuation is taken care of.

  2. Very true about the low risk, thanks Nathanael. I think my Kiva loans are almost repaid as well and ready to be recycled.
    I think the banks don’t realise that the future is staring them in the face 😉

  3. Gavin, I just knew intuitively that you would be posting for Blog Action Day. It’s great to see the update on The Article Thirty-Nine Concert. What a great way to make a difference for social justice as we seek to fight poverty in our world.

  4. Love the saying – “Tribal by association!” Would love to hear you elaborate a bit more on that concept, Gavin! Thanks for the refreshing post!

  5. I missed Blog Action Day!!! Enjoyed reading this article though. To those of you who can’t afford to support KIVA check out It is a great concept. Most of us waste way more than 1 dollar a month. I also like the fact that subscribers get to select different projects (by voting on suggestions made by members). For a new group of about 75, they have already purchased a cow for a needy family and now members get to suggest the next project. KIVA has been suggested already and I am going to suggest LifeStraw.
    Heck, I’m going to suggest that instead of the usual office gift exchange, you know the tacky coffee mugs, toilet paper roll, etc., our staff each donate to ONE DOLLAR NATION this year. I’ll tackle a corporate sponsorship next year!!
    My grandchildren are also in for a surprise. I am sending a donation in each of their names as well. They can start learning about how other kids must live and what they can do to help them.

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