All I Need is a Sentence

You know the type. They say all the right things. They have an answer for every question. A smile for every challenging question. Nothing sticks. Nothing phases. They are the BIG talkers.

But if you listen, really listen to what they say, you will find their words spiralling into nothingness. There is no SUBSTANCE. Nothing to hold on to.

One of the things I like most about social media is the way that it cuts down the time between "saying" and "doing". That’s not to say that there is no effort involved, but that the technology is an accelerator, allowing you to move very quickly from strategy to ideation to execution. For example, the Age of Conversation went from an idea to a published book in around three months. Unheard of! As you might guess, the people that I admire most are those who DO things. They take on the challenges that most of us would blink at. They ask the hard questions. And more importantly, they follow through.

Which is why I was so excited to hear of this innovative project by Jasmin Tragas. As a voluntary Ambassador at Women’s Opportunity, Jasmin is reaching out to women all over the world to participate in a project with the theme, "A Woman’s Investment" with the aim of producing a slide deck and raising $10,000. The money will be used to seed a micro-credit program for women in the Philippines. All she needs from you is a single sentence. That’s right, your initial contribution is a few words. Think of it this way …

The reason I am asking you is because I believe you are a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit. Along the way, you made
an investment. It may have been words you spoke, a course you
undertook, a gift you gave, a smile, a risk or an adventure
. Perhaps another woman made an investment in you.

So if you have ever wanted to make an impact beyond the scope of your normal life, spare a thought and a few words for Jasmin’s project. Read here post in detail. Tell your friends. Encourage them to participate … or even donate here.

3 thoughts on “All I Need is a Sentence

  1. Wow thanks so much Gavin!
    I just read this really powerful comment on my LinkedIn question:
    “I did some communications work in the area of women’s health and rights on the global level. In developing the messages and materials for that project I located some stunning research that showed an investment by a single woman has an outsized impact on many, many people in her community.
    Why? Because women tend to invest in activities and projects that enhance the quality of life, rather than in “stuff” for themselves or in fleeting amusements that don’t last. For example, when a woman in a developing nation receives a microloan to start a small business, she will pay the loan back first and then take her profits and invest in things like a school for the children of the community or perhaps a well for everyone in her village to have clean water. Her investments help not just her own family, but everyone in her social circle.
    The other thing that investments by women often improve is the overall public health of a population. That’s because women pass knowledge along to others — about hygiene, safer birthing practices, etc. So women’s investments don’t always take the form of money. Sometimes their investments take the form of sharing knowledge and skills with others.”
    Bonnie McEwan Owner, Make Waves: Impact Marketing for Nonprofit

  2. Hi Gavin, I received an email from Jasmine to tell me about this project and I sent her a quote.
    What an amazing young woman she is and thank you for the many ways you have helped promote her work!

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