Friend Me? No, Friend You!

I am starting to think about SXSW next year … and am wondering how I can organise to get there. Running from March 13-17, 2009, the interactive event brings new technologies, evangelists, entrepreneurs and creatives together to look at what works NOW, and what WILL work in the near future. Twitter is a great example from last year. Clearly it is a great event with many fantastic panels, presenters and chances to meet with folks who I normally only converse with online.

One of the most interesting aspects of SXSW is that presenters are more than happy to have some fun with the content and format of the panels. This presentation by Merlin Mann is a great example where he introduces the room to — a site dedicated to the under-served visionaries who power all things social media — the thought leaders.

3 thoughts on “Friend Me? No, Friend You!

  1. I really enjoyed SXSW this past year (my first one). I had been a regular attendee at the O’Reilly eTech conference and ended up at SXSW right at the end of eTech this year and the difference was night and day: SXSW had more information, more personal networking, and more energy, where etech has become just a commercial conference.
    Austin in March will be like Sydney in mid–late October.

  2. I’m hoping next year will be my first of many. We should make a trip out of it, film the whole the thing. Oh, and blog of course.

  3. I am pretty sure I am going to SXSW. Looks too good to miss and the potential topics I have seen nominated are great. Could be a sensational AoC meet-up.
    Lets go!

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