Time for a Little Style

When Sara Goldstein, aka the Bargain Queen, bundled up her house, her laptop and Mr BQ to take on one of the fashion capitals of the world, the Australian blogging community became a lot quieter. After all, Sara had been instrumental in bringing a wide range of disparate groups together for drinks and discussion. With her mascot pink pig in tow, we made the Arthouse Hotel in Sydney a regular home away from the keyboard — at least for a while.

But since moving to New York, Sara has been anything but idle. She has been busily laying plans for global domination. Here is the pilot for Sara’s Style Spice show for the Wardrobe Channel — I am looking forward to seeing more of this style of web based programming in the future. In the meantime, Sara is sure to be learning plenty out there on the frontier.

One thought on “Time for a Little Style

  1. Thanks Gavin!
    Sorry to hear it’s so much quieter there; maybe the Sydney blogosphere needs a new rabble rouser…
    Things are going really well over here; with the v0.1 prototype launched and our investor pitch finally ready, we’re about to start bugging investors. Wish us luck!
    You can see what we’re doing here if you’re interested:
    PS: Sorry for the late response; you can probably guess how busy we are atm 😉

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