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If you are reading this blog, then chances are that you have come across the work of ethos3. They are known for building compelling, story-based presentations for folks like Guy Kawasaki and AMP. You can see, and vote for, some of their latest presentations in the Slideshare “World’s Best Presentation” competition (see below).

Earlier this week I was interviewed by Lori Williams from Ethos3. We looked deeply into the world of storytelling, presentations and the connection between the P-L-A-Y framework for brand engagement and its applicability in presentation storytelling. Hope you like it!

6 thoughts on “7 Questions With … Me

  1. Care needed – suddenly the ‘new presentations’ are all starting to look a bit too similar. The BIG words, the light globe, the multi-racial group, metrosexual hunk etc. Everyone found iStockPhoto at the same time…dammmit!
    Keynote has created a new conformity, so there will still be snoozing in the back row and furtive checking of Blackberries.

  2. I’m hesitant to comment Gavin, but….
    My advice would be to combine your word and pictures. When they are used together they will create something bigger.
    In the presentation as it is at the moment, the pictures simply echo the words that have come before them.
    Hope this is helpful. Best…Stan

  3. I think Ken is onto something. While the Kawasaki-, Reynolds-, Atkinson-style will “always” be infinitely more inspiring than the generic bullet-point crowd, there is a sense of conformity from the new breed of ‘improved presentation’.
    People seem too inclined to mimic what they see rather than exploring the medium of slide presentations. iStockPhoto etc. is great, but not an end to all means. We could be replacing the plague with colera. I think people somewhat skimp when it comes to the initial steps of the creative process. Link: http://www.tbenjaminlarsen.com/files/9a10b1a2177ce71d6ae31ddee572f22d-65.php
    And, as I obviously can’t let a chance slip I would like to link to my own presentation as well: http://www.slideshare.net/tbenjaminlarsen/cultivating-creativity

  4. Thanks all … just want to point out that the presentation belongs to ethos3 … not me 😉
    I would also like to mention that while visual style is becoming more popular on sites like Slideshare, the vast majority of people still produce poorly conceived, text heavy presentations. And it takes at least a modicum of bravery to actually present visual materials in front of an audience.
    I have a feeling that many people rely on the bullet point format because to do otherwise means standing out from the crowd.

  5. I never heard of Ethos 3 before. But I love their work already. The BIG idea is sizzling hot! If this what conformity is, then I’m all for it. This is the best presentation I’ve ever seen! The comments before me, especially from Benjamin Larsen seem more like whining because their presentations aren’t as good.
    Great blog. Keep it up! I learn something every day.

  6. Jason: I wasn’t particularly critiquing the Ethos presentation. And I even voted for it in the contest. It is certainly among the best ones out there. My comment was more regarding the generality of things in the presentation circuit. It is hard to find examples of presentations that both dare to be different and succeed.
    Whether my own presentation is up to scratch or not is really beside the point.

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