Lazy Blogging

Study of Kitten By WindowlightThis week marks the six month anniversary (is there such a thing?) of the Aussie Bloggers blog and forum (congrats!). In this time, the community has gone from strength to strength — with over 700 members and a whopping 33,000 posts.

As a special gift to the thriving community, an indispensable blogging tool has been developed to help overcome those blogging-block days — the Lazy Bloggers Blog Post Generator. Here is a blog post that comes direct from the generator:

OMG! I just remembered I have not updated this since Paris Hilton was in jail… You would not believe my anguish at my misdoings. Jealous much? Don’t be, it was very painful..
I am frantic with an awfully big adventure, soaking in the tub, just generally being a Darling to the servants, my day is full to overflowing from when the nightclubs close to I run out of alcohol. I am happy with that. I need some perspective.
I solemnly swear to post at least once a month. Promise! Unless of course the pool with the cocktail bar is heated!

2 thoughts on “Lazy Blogging

  1. Holy Snapping Duck Do! I just remembered I have not updated this since the 9th… You would not believe how insane my life has become. Apologies to my regular readers! Even the little blue ones!.
    I am tied up with only your readership as life preserver, being distracted by the shiny, just generally being asleep, dreaming and chancing to anyone unfortunate to cross my path, my day often feels wasted from crawling out of bed at 6.30 to 11pm at which point I fall asleep on the couch. I am not complaining though. life happens.
    I promise I will blog about it when I find my way home. Honestly! Until my paycheck dawneth..

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