Coming to Love Classical Music

Katie Chatfield shares this great presentation at TED by Benjamin Zander. It takes 20 minutes to play, and at its completion, you will come to love classical music.

Six minutes in, Benjamin positions this transformation beautifully — in terms of leadership. As he says, “one of the characteristics of a leader … [is] that he not doubt for one moment the capacity of the people he is leading to realise whatever he’s dreaming”. But then, Benjamin spends the rest of the time taking us on a journey, inviting us into his own story and into the story of the music which is his passion. He explains how the music taps into our emotional intelligence and then demonstrates its power by asking us to go deeper into the music — to make it personal.

He wraps up this artful talk magnificently with anecdote and personal story, explaining his own revelation — “My job is to awaken possibility in other people”. Fascinatingly, he also demonstrates how you can tell when this has been achieved … but you will need to watch until the end to understand. Not a bad way to spend a lunch break on a Friday afternoon. Enjoy.

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