Who Really Gets Social Media?

PlurkChat Sometimes you just have to ask a question and see where it takes you. Twitter started off with the same premise. What are you doing? Eliciting a variety of responses and prompting a banal moment-by-moment commentary before the community kicked-in and reshaped Twitter’s reason for being.

But while I have a great affinity with Twitter, it is feeling more and more like a broadcast medium every day. Sure there are some small-scale discussions occurring but they are hardly conversational. Plurk, on the other hand, have placed conversation right at the heart of their design.

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One thought on “Who Really Gets Social Media?

  1. That is a provocative question. What is clear, is that social media is game changing.
    Amazing that I could discover pubcamp through twemes.com and drop by “the cocktail party” from Toronto, all within a few minutes.
    The conversation that is perhaps most important, IMHO, when is comes to social media is the one that needs to take place around the boardroom tables of major corporations.
    When we use terms like risk, impact on future earnings and share price, we will touch off a completely different wave of commitment, investment and attention to the special managements required.

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