Calling All Marketers — Inspiraton, Anyone?

InspirationAnyone Following up from the Microsoft teaser, the full-length video is now available.

With the first instalment in this series entitled The Breakup, the intention was to raise debate. Microsoft boldly tackled the issue around the shifting nature of the consumer-advertiser relationship, and invited marketers into the conversation. It certainly was not the type of communication or advertising I expected from Microsoft — and it did capture a lot of attention at the time of launch.

But with this sequel there is a wholly different challenge. Geert Desager and Kris Hoet are clearly taking another step — to facilitate the establishment of a marketing community (moving from conversation to action?). In the process, they are taking a sweep at brands, agencies and all the folks who inhabit them. There are some great lines, including “I tried to look up that Web 2.0 thing you told be about, I just couldn’t find the exact URL”. Let’s face it both agencies and marketers are easy targets (and we provide so much fodder) … so you are bound to raise a chuckle or two.

However, if you do want to move beyond the banter, the site Get Inspired Here is the place you can go. Over the coming weeks (and in the wake of Cannes), there is bound to be plenty of discussion, taunting and maybe even a little creativity. Get your full feed here. Hopefully there are more surprises in store!

5 thoughts on “Calling All Marketers — Inspiraton, Anyone?

  1. Definitely worth the five minutes of my time. And had you not pointed out Microsoft were behind this I would have been very surprised at the end.
    “Web two dot zero”

  2. I love the overall message they send through this. The first thing I did was go to the website and check it out.
    Like a lot of viral stuff this was definately off the wall, but made very clever points. I wonder if it was a little long (inspiration, anyone?), but if that is the worst criticism then you are flying!

  3. Video is great and must have cost $$$ to make.
    However their website looks old fashioned US style websites (kinda get quick rich website style) – almost web 1.0
    The header picture/banner is not what it should be.
    As the video is very verbal, it will be difficult to replicate this to other languages. Moreover in Germany, France or any other country it will be hard to adapt to the local business culture.
    Thus going globally with this will be difficult.

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