What’s Next in Media

There is some great discussion going on around the nature, role and function of media. Neil Perkin has put together a great deck that digs into the impact of social media, while Craig Wilson looks at the potential of social media for local and regional brands. Interestingly, that is one of the comment threads suggested by Matt Hazel.

What do you think? What’s next? What’s missing? What is going to create the next, next thing?

2 thoughts on “What’s Next in Media

  1. I think the most exciting thing about all of this is that it decreases the competitive advantage between market leaders and the smaller players. It’s good for the little guy. The other big positive of social media in my mind is it’s transparency. If an organisation wants to succeed here, innovation, quality, honesty, service, creativity etc will be the keys to success, and will be rewarded.
    I’d speculate maybe 90% (if not more) of organisations today aren’t currently geared for social media to help them. This would mean they themselves have to adjust for the media? How many actually will? How long will it take? You have to learn as you go. Success and failure will not be as easy to predict. That means more trust and bravery will be needed from clients.
    In a creative sense, can anyone think of anyone that’s truly leveraged social media yet that isn’t a start up?

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